Snowboard Stickers – Where Should You Put Them?

Obviously the snowboard stickers that you acquire should go on your board. But where else should they go? Answer: Anywhere you want them to be seen. Simple. The best places aside from your board are on your helmet if you wear one, the wind screen on snowboard rack atop your car, the back window of your car, the windshield, the driver’s side window, the passenger side window, either fender (not both), but never the bumper. It’s such a cliché to put a sticker on your bumper and then it ceases to be a snowboard sticker and then becomes a bumper sticker.

The car is a great place to display your stickers but it is by no means the only place. Think of places that you often find your self. Think about your locker at school or work, the public bathrooms you frequent, a bus stop, a bus. Remember though, never put a sticker on a surface that you do not have the right to put a sticker on. Laptops and iPhones are pretty good places to stick a few along with your bedroom walls and furniture.

If you want to make your mark on the world, try making your own stickers. Today’s technology is perfect for this because you don’t have to buy expensive equipment and materials. Just do an internet search for print on demand stickers and start creating. You could draw out your design or type up your slogan in your own handwriting and scan it into a jpg file and uploaded to one or both of these services. They’re cheap too. Less than ten bucks and you have a bunch of stickers to pass out or stick where you want them to be stuck.

Source by Steve Jabby