The Sports of Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens is an amalgamation of formerly unincorporated communities that straddled the Broward County line. To protect them from roving bands of brigands, barbarians, and city-councilmen who did not care about them, they incorporated together as the city of Miami Gardens in 2003. The loose confederation has thus far staved off attacks, and is now a force to be reckoned with in north Miami-Dade County. While there are a couple decent restaurants, the area is by-and-large suburban sprawl. It does, however, have one very important site: Dolphin Stadium – the home of the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Marlins, and the Orange Bowl.

We are die-hard sports fans, and you will find the seat of at least half of Florida's major sporting events located right here in Miami Gardens. Depending on the sport and league you prefer, you will have different favorite events. The Orange Bowl is, of course, HUGE for college football fans, and is certainly an important time for those of us who are in the limousine business. After all, what better way to get to non-stop football action than in a luxury vehicle? A limo makes a perfect moving tailgate party, and you do not have to worry about having too much to drink (some of us are under the impression that great sporting events without a bit to drink are not quite as entertaining.

Whether you're headed off to watch the Dolphins, the Marlins, or the Orange Bowl, you have to head to Miami Gardens, and a limo will get you there. It offers great sporting packages that are perfect for any athletic event – and you will find a limousine is quite inexpensive when the cost is spread over you and all your friends. When the next big game rolls around, head to Miami Gardens, and keep Mirage limo in mind!

Source by Nicholas Jurkowski