What Do You Wear When Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a fairly extreme sport. Not only do you have to put up with sub zero temperatures, howling winds and plenty of water, you need enough protection to ensure that when you fall over you do not kill yourself! There are a number of items that are worn when snowboarding, which are designed to look good, feel comfortable, keep you warm and also keep you dry. To start off with, most people wear a beanie, hat or some form of head wear. A scarf is also common, to keep the neck warm.

The next important item is a set of goggles. You can get these for fairly cheap, but make sure that they do not fog up. These protect your eyes and keep your face a bit warmer. The next item is a good snowboarding coat. This keeps the torso dry and warm, and a good one will only require a shirt to be worn underneath. Snowboarding Pants are designed to be loose enough to move around comfortably, whilst keeping you warm and dry too.

Snowboarding boots are important to ensure that your ankles are well supported, and that you stay warm and dry. Of course, you need gloves as well as your hands are one of the first things to get very cold! When looking for snowboarding gear it's usually cheaper to get your equipment further away from the mountain. The closer that you go, the more the items usually cost. You can get away without goggles, but the rest is almost a requirement for snowboarding. If you skimp on any of the other items then you will regret it when it's cold, wet and windy!

Source by Bart Yuia