Wrestling Moves: Run the Pipe Takedown

This article will teach you how to effectively run the pipe on a single leg takedown. It is a most effective wrestling move when done correctly. After reading this article you may want to check out some videos about how to run the pipe because it is easier to learn wrestling techniques through videos than it is through an article. However with an article I can explain some small details that sometimes get overlooked by many wrestlers and coaches.

The Setup

To setup a run the pipe takedown you must first get a single leg. Once you have a single leg you want to make sure that the leg is in between your legs. If your opponent puts his leg on the outside then it is hard to finish with this skill. In that case you may want to do a different finish.

The Finish

So once you have the leg in the air and in between your legs you want to push into the other wrestler to get him to push back into you. As he pushes into you pivot and step back words. You basically pivot on one foot away from the guy. As you circle you lower your level and try to put his butt on the mat.

I tell my wrestlers to think of it as a table. If you take one leg out from underneath the table and then put all the weight on the table over the missing leg then the table will fall to that corner.

It is the same with running the pipe. You have taken one of the legs out from the table. Now you have to put all of your opponent’s weight where that leg once was so that he or she will fall to the ground.

Source by Curt Clapier