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Freelancer 2016-12-18

Hire expert freelancers for your online job Millions of small businesses use Freelancer to turn the

  1. Brandon
    Freelancer is a marketplace where employers and employees are able to find each other. The site allows employers to post work to get done. Anybody is then able to offer quotes to complete the project, upon which point the original employer is able to award the work.

    Freelancer takes a 10% fee, which can be reduced with paid monthly membership, with a minimum fee of $5. The company has recently announced its new move into home and local services, staying first in its home market of Australia.

    Seven years since it was founded in 2009, Freelancer announced that they had hit a milestone of 20 million users, creating a community of online freelancers and employers. Most of Freelancer's users come from India, the United States, Philippines, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom, but it is represented through its user network in 247 countries, regions, and territories; and in both emerging and developed markets. The top three job categories that most frequently get job requests are IT and software, 34%; design, media and architecture, 31%; and writing & content, 13%. The company has offices in Manila, Philippines; Sydney, Australia; Vancouver, Canada; Buenos Aires, Argentina; London, United Kingdom; and Jakarta, Indonesia. Freelancer_logo.png