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Monster.com 2016-12-18

Monster.com offers useful, content-rich career resources to manage the job search and application pr

  1. Brandon
    The Good
    Most comprehensive career resources of any online job site
    When it comes to providing resources to further your career beyond a simple job search, Monster.com excels. The Top Articles and Career Advice section is a good place to start if you’re researching different careers. Once you have zeroed in on a type of job, use the Salary calculator to research how much companies pay for that job in different geographic areas. Finally, use the resume resources to review, revise, and fine-tune your resume before you send it out. These are just few of many resources Monster.com offers to help you explore your career options and facilitate the search process.
    Direct application through convenient portal
    By displaying many of their own job postings — rather than scraping them from other sites — Monster.com is able to streamline the application process for multiple postings. You can create a Monster.com profile and upload different resumes to your profile. For many job postings, you can click one button to apply with your Monster.com profile instead of repeatedly filling out the same information on different portals. This simple feature saves countless hours of repetitive work.

    Ability to connect your LinkedIn profile
    Another way to save time during the application process is to leverage your public LinkedIn profile. Just add your LinkedIn URL into the designated field and any information you update on LinkedIn reflects on your Monster.com LinkedIn widget. LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the most common ways recruiters find information about candidates, so having that information handy when applying for a job can give you a leg up on other applicants.

    My Resume Agent Premium service
    Some job fields, such as sales, are dominated by recruiters. Getting a leg up can be a challenge because recruiters are often not easy to find. Fortunately, Monster has a vast network of recruiters to connect with. The My Resume Agent sends your resume to influential recruiters in your industry to help ensure you’re seen by the right employers. This premium service costs $68, which is a one-time fee.