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INFOSEC SQLiv - Massive SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner


SQLiv Massive SQL Injection Scanner Features
Both the SQLi scanning and domain info checking are done in a multiprocess manner so the script is super fast at scanning a lot of URLs. It’s a fairly new tool and there are plans for more features and to add support for other search engines like DuckDuckGo.
  • Multiple domain scanning with SQL injection dork by Bing, Google, or Yahoo
  • Targetted scanning by providing specific domain (with crawling)
  • Reverse domain scanning
  1. git clone https://github.com/Hadesy2k/sqlivulscan.git
  2. sudo python2 setup.py -i
Pre-installed Systems
Using SQLiv For SQL Injection Dorks Scanning
Multiple domain scanning with SQLi dork
Simply search multiple websites from given dork and scan the results one by one:

python sqliv.py -d <SQLI DORK> -e <SEARCH ENGINE> 
python sqliv.py -d "inurl:index.php?id=" -e google
Targetted scanning
You can provide just the domain name or specific URLs with query parameters. If only the domain name is provided, it will crawl and get URLs with queries then scan the URLs one by one.

python sqliv.py -t <URL>
python sqliv.py -t www.example.com
Reverse domain and scanning
Reverse domain scan and look for websites that are hosted on the same server as target URL.

python sqliv.py -t <URL> -r
python sqliv.py -t www.example.com -r
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