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Bernie Mac died

Discussion in 'The Best World News' started by Disbelief, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Disbelief

    Disbelief Silver Poster Awesome Poster

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  2. LiL PAYN3

    LiL PAYN3 I DO NOT SPEAK GERMAN Awesome Poster

    I just read this. Fucking insane. Loved him as a comedian and actor.
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  3. Acklete

    Acklete TBFE MLGenius Awesome Poster

    man these kind of things makes you value your own life. You can die at any time, my dad is 50 and IDK what i would if he was not still here.
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  4. The Nameless

    The Nameless Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    dude thats crazy..
    when i read the title i thought it was a joke..
    he wasnt even that old =\
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  5. Velander

    Velander Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    Wow, I can't even believe this.
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  6. RYAN the LlON

    RYAN the LlON Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    man, that sucks. i almost died from pneumonia once. but i was only 2, i couldnt imagine dying from it as an adult. he was funny and the ocean movies were some of my favorite.
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  7. Ragefuii

    Ragefuii Gold Poster Awesome Poster

    The Bernie Mac show used to make me laugh so hard, this is horrible.
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    CANCANMAN Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    that really sucks he was pretty funny
    and only 50? wow
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  9. HellaZZ

    HellaZZ Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    :( He was so amazing. RIP
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  10. Peter

    Peter Global Mọd Awesome Poster

    that sucks, i never watched his show, but he was so good in the oceans
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  11. Acklete

    Acklete TBFE MLGenius Awesome Poster

    I honestly didnt really like his stand up, and I hated his show, and disliked most his movies. Either way its sad and I am now upset that he will have to be replaced in the ocean movies cause he was fantastic in those
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  12. Already Heard

    Already Heard Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    Wow, I just watched a movie with him in it. It was really good. This is truely sad.
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  13. Akronnnnnnnn

    Akronnnnnnnn i r global mod Awesome Poster

    So sad. :( My girl and I always used to watch the reruns of his show late at night :(
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  14. Anthony

    Anthony Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    i heard about this on the news :( this sucks

    RIP Bernie Mac.
  15. Ragefuii

    Ragefuii Gold Poster Awesome Poster

    I think my favorite movie with Bernie Mac was Transformers.
  16. StunT

    StunT Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    wow i was just about to post this, what a shocker man... why do the good people have to die first?

    Why couldn't death take Carlos Mencia first?
  17. Prion

    Prion Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    he died at such an early age
    charlie angels ftw?
  18. Apollo

    Apollo Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    That sucks so bad....Saw this on the news this morning sorry to see him go....
  19. Gh0stS4g3

    Gh0stS4g3 cmon now Awesome Poster

    O wow, people were telling the truth, I didnt believe it O.O that really is to bad =/
  20. wingless

    wingless ThisIsFor'Em Awesome Poster

    I agree 100 percent.