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Best Affiliate Program ?

Discussion in 'System administrator forums' started by xpgo, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. xpgo

    xpgo vB Newbie

    I don't know if this is the best place to put this topic on.
    Sorry if it's not on the correct place.

    I need quickly an affiliate program to get some money to pay my bills.
    I know google adsense is the best program, but i'm banned forever from there because one day a jerk from my forum mass clicked their banners.

    Now i don't know what program should i use to get some money.
    My forum is quite big, i have 50.000 members, 200.000 posts and 1.500.000 page hits each month!

    What would you recomend to me?
    Thank you

    PS- I'm not from america, so yahoo shouldn't work to...
  2. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    did u try emailing google and explaining what happen ?
  3. Joe Ward

    Joe Ward Administrator

    Google AdSense is not an affiliate program. You can also try Yahoo Publishing Network.

    Search for "contextual advertising" and you will find many more offerings.

    Members - please post other ad networks you are using for more potential choices.
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun


    are 2 I use

    I also use affliate programs with

  5. xpgo

    xpgo vB Newbie

    Sorry if i did express myself wrong.
    English is not my native language as you can see...

    Yes, i did try to explain google what happened, but they didn't care...
    As i told before, i can't use yahoo YPN since i'm not in america neither canada... and they are limited to those countries...
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    I posted a few that should accept you if you have a quality site :)
  7. arberb

    arberb Coder

    Google Adsense are ugly mother ****ers i got banned for the same reason i was receiving over 4mill hits a month and they banned me :(
  8. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member

    Need to make cash..here you go...

    Try clickbank.com <---has paid me
    cj.com <-- working on payment
    adbrite.com <-- has paid me
    bidvertiser.com <--- this one claims to pay.

    I understand your problem with Google Adsense, please write to them and show them your logs.

    Please, next time, install an adlogger to monitor clicks to your site.

    Ok, there is still one more piece of advice I can give you...
    you have to find another way to get a Google Adsense account without stealing it and infringing upon another's account unwillingly. <--this is the biggest clue here and it is possible to "get" another Google Adsense account.

    Good luck.

    If you don't know how to get another Google Adsense account, you need to learn more about Google, Forums, Advertising and Marketing. It is very easy, but you have to think.

    Also, you can try vbseo and become an affiliate with them.
    If that does not work, try adult advertising. That always pays, but not many people at a forum want to be flooded with adult ads.

    There are many options available, don't despair.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2007
  9. arberb

    arberb Coder

    So cwitch one is the best from there :).
  10. Likenota

    Likenota New Member

    adster.com, adbrite.com
  11. Nick R

    Nick R vBulletin Guru

    Bidvertiser earnt me about 8 times what google have in the same period of time. I would try them ;)
  12. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member

    Another thing, if you manage to find out how to get another Google Adsense account, please do not install the "new" Google Adsense account code on your site because you will lose it again. Consider your domain banned from Google Adsense as well.

    If you truly have all that internet traffic that you claim, you can easily make money using that traffic and a new Google adsense account without outfitting your website with a Google Adsense account.

    Good luck. Believe me, it is easy!

  13. xpgo

    xpgo vB Newbie

    I've tried an appeal on google adsense program, but it was denied.
    I heard some guys saying that sometimes after appealing, were successfull.
    Well... can't do nothing anymore... meanwhile i've been registered at zanox, good affiliate programs there, i'm now earning about 700 USD / month advertising with them... :classic:
  14. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member

    There is still another way to get a Google account and I am not referring to an appeal. Appeals to Google are worthless and only happen once in a blue mooon.
    You have to really look at the Google terms of service and think of how you can get another Adsense account.

    Many people do it on a daily basis...it is not something terrible wrong, but not many people admit to it. Some do, other do not...

    I'm glad you are making money with your new affiliate program, may good things come to you!

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, 2007
  15. whitemike

    whitemike Admin

    I am pretty sure, if you use a different email address, and you use a different site. Once you get accepted, you can place ads on both sites. Not sure, but think u can
  16. xpgo

    xpgo vB Newbie

    i know if i use a new website and a new email address they will accept my account.... problem is changing my domain wich i own since 2001 because of google crap!
  17. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member

    I've heard that even your name is also "blacklisted" from opening up another Google Adsense account, but I'm not a professional on this.

    I think I will contact Google myself on this one myself.

    But for your site, if you have a steady flow of customers, it should be no problem to be making money through another Google Adsense account. You have to advertise your other blogs or sites that have Google or other ads enabled on your current forum. Also, do not tell anyone that you own those sites that you are advertising, as this serves to prevent people from destroying your money making efforts. List your sites on your forum as "Feature Sites" or "Site of the month" or whatever you choose as this will help to show that it is a legitimate advertisement and not you just trying to make money and protect your account at the same time.

    Another affiliate that you might want to look at is Adultfriendfinder. They offer good advertisements that people will click because it is an adult site, but a much cleaner adult site.

    Good luck.:)
  18. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member

    Here is another one that is similar to adultfriendfinder, but this one is called Friendfinder

    It pays, check it out.

    Good luck to those that try it.
  19. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member

  20. MarketProfits

    MarketProfits New Member