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Coffee Or Tea?

Discussion in 'Around the home' started by Zyni, May 29, 2015.

  1. torialysse

    torialysse Wreck Em! Awesome Poster

    I think its during the holidays that Ill drink coffee the most.. which doesnt say much. I will almost always order the peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Full of nom.
  2. takeagander7

    takeagander7 Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I'm a coffee person, for sure. I drink it throughout the day, which I know isn't the best. I prefer it black, but occasionally on the weekends I'll add a little bit of creamer. I just started this thing recently where you add a bit of unsalted, grass-fed butter to the coffee and stir it in until it melts. I'm absolutely in love with it. As someone who doesn't eat breakfast, this keeps me full until lunch time. Drinking it black with the butter is an acquired taste, though. I'm pretty sure I likened it to a popcorn smoothie the first time around!
  3. Tsuzuko

    Tsuzuko Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Definitely tea. I hate coffee; it tastes like chalk to me. Hot or iced, it all just tastes gross. Tea, on the other hand, is sweet and soothing.
  4. heavymetalkilos

    heavymetalkilos Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I can't stand the taste of coffee, not at all. I'm not even sure why but since I discovered that I prefer tea over it, I haven't tried to force myself to even get used to it. Even thought I do drink tea, it's not like I need and crave tea. For me it's more like something I drink if I need to relax or when I'm sick. It usually helps with my singing voice too, so whenever I have a lesson I try to sip some of that hot drink.
  5. bergamots

    bergamots Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I drink tea most of the time. My personal favorite is mint green milk tea, but because I'm too lazy to make milk tea most of the time, I usually just make it without the milk. So every morning at 5, I drink a big thermos of green tea with little bits of mint and tea leaves that I forgot to strain out. (Reminder: Get a strainer)

    The only time I would prefer coffee is I'm drinking Vietnamese coffee with lots and lots of condensed milk. Sure, I can drink it black, but the milk makes it a million times tastier. If you ever run into this sort of coffee, don't drink it black the first time. It's super bitter, and even Cuban coffee or Italian espressos aren't as potent. It's filtered right into the cup, so it's pretty strong.
  6. VinayaSpeaks

    VinayaSpeaks Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I drink tea as well as coffee. When I drink tea,I prefer milk tea and when I take coffee I like black coffee. I take just half tea spoon of sugar in my coffee/tea. I drink 8-10 cups of tea/coffee in a day
  7. Transcriber10K

    Transcriber10K Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I used to drink a lot of coffee with milk. In a day I would have three cups of coffee or more especially in winter.
    A cup in the morning at work, around eleven o'clock at tea-break and after lunch after I have had my lunch. The something happened, I had a fast heartbeat. At first I didn't take notice of these as they would come and go. One day when I had a fever, went to the doctor and did tell about the feeling. He said I was having heart palpitations. "Say what?" Then he started explaining the whole thing. I take one in the morning as it is a habit and feels as if I cannot concentrate without having my morning coffee.
  8. ghost_in_the_machine

    ghost_in_the_machine Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Both. When I'm in a calm mood, I go with tea. It's nice and sweet (provided I add a lot of sugar) and it makes me feel healthy afterwards. It also goes well with sweet/savory breakfast foods like oatmeal or pastries. When I'm in the dire mood for energy, I go with coffee. The heat wakes me up, and the bitterness hits me immediately, sort of forcing me awake in a way I can't explain. I try to limit my drinking of it, though. I really don't want to suffer from cardiac-health related consequences.
  9. Onionman

    Onionman Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I probably have coffee two or three times a year! I simply don't like to drink it anymore. To be fair, it doesn't entirely agree with me and I do find myself bouncing off the wall after I've had a cup! As for tea, I tend to go for caffeine-free ones like peppermint.
  10. beasleym1989

    beasleym1989 Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I want to like tea. It always smells and looks so good, but I just don't. I am addicted to coffee on the other hand. I have two cups in the morning and sometimes I need another one mid-afternoon. I couldn't imagine chasing my son around without it.
  11. Salkoazer

    Salkoazer Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I know this is weird but I actually prefer my coffee cold and my tea hot ahah
    I drink coffee first thing in the morning, then switch to tea for the rest of the day.
    On days that hit the gym I take my coffee pre-workout instead of in the morning.
    Oh and every 6 months or so I do a caffeine detox where I only drink water for 2 weeks, let me tell you it is absolutely hellish ahah
  12. monkey

    monkey Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Thanx for asking. I prefer coffee because of the caffeine content - it makes me feel positive and energetic. Of course tea has some caffeine too, but the effect isn't the same. Also, coffee tastes better while tea is just hot water with a faint aroma of somethin :/
  13. loliveroliver

    loliveroliver Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Hi there,

    I really only started drinking coffee since I got my latest girlfriend who is a huge coffee lover :banghead:. It's always been black tea for me :pompus:.

    Anyways, times change and now I almost never drink black tea. Usually it's a double coffee in the morning, one more a bit later and then some green tea so I don't fall asleep and don't overdo the coffee :D.

    Now that I think about it, maybe I should do a bit less of the coffee and increase my tea intake :depressed:..
  14. cocolgooh

    cocolgooh Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I like tea better than coffee. I'm not bothered about whether the tea is hot or cold. I prefer fruit teas if they're cold though. I'm not much of a fan of cold black tea.
  15. bonesmistress

    bonesmistress Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I love both coffee and tea but definitely have to say I would choose coffee over tea. When my husband gets ready for work in the morning this is one of the first things I do. I love the aroma of it. If I am lucky I get to sit and enjoy half a cup while checking my emails, before my little ones get up. So ya big coffe fan here.
  16. toradrake

    toradrake Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I drink both. I have coffee in the morning with my breakfast and hot tea with my dinner. It is my way of starting up my day and winding down my day. I am so used to it that when I smell the coffee I start waking up and when I smell hot tea I start getting sleepy. Everyone thinks it is funny, but it helps.
  17. VinayaSpeaks

    VinayaSpeaks Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I love coffee, black and bitter. However, at this moment, I am drinking tea, sweetened with sugar and dairy whitener. I like my coffee to be black where as I like milk tea.
  18. Tracy Turner

    Tracy Turner Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Coffee is my poison. I dunno what I would do without it! :p
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  19. andy12m

    andy12m Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I'm a coffee lover, though I drink tea sometimes.
  20. Mike30

    Mike30 Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    I am about the same! Specially when I go to restaurants, is when I ask for tea.