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Custom Profiles for quality members


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I've added this mod
Which allows you guys to upload a banner and a custom tab in your profile.
You can see the banner and tab and custom color on my profile
For those who have this option (TBFE Patron) you can edit yours here.

This is a new mod so hopefully there will be further customizations that we can do in the future.
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The name and color may change for this usergroup, I'm open to ideas.
The current criteria is 10 post, 10 likes and uploaded an avatar. That may also change but I'm good with it for now.
The best part is it's automatic so we don't have to do anything :D
I'm open to adding more freedom to this new group as well. They do have a few options changed compared to the starter group (Registered Users)

Robyn Banks

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I like the TBFE Patron idea! It might be a while off yet, but will there be a tiered system beyond 100, 500, 1000 posts etc? Or perhaps by years registered and still active?