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Guns - yes or no

Discussion in 'Worlds Best Debate Topics' started by Arrowhead, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. ssvs04

    ssvs04 Contributors

    We have more then enough laws on the books for gun control. We just need to enforce the laws we have. As long as society has a means to produce medals guns will always exist. So because of that guns have done far more good freeing America from tyranny and America freeing the world from communism. As long as a society is armed government is much more likely to stay in its place and not completely trample peoples rights. Any nation that takes away the peoples rights to be armed is suspect for future tyranny and not to be trusted with the peoples future.
  2. Hunter McCaberascal

    Hunter McCaberascal newbie Awesome Poster

    Guns don't kill people, People kill People
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  3. Draconem

    Draconem Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Weapons have been around for centuries, and I must say that I feel that guns arent the problem its people
  4. Arsonism

    Arsonism Kill it with fire Staff Member Awesome Poster

    Holy thread revival batman

    Army guy here saying these folks are pretty absurd, the sale of guns and the correlations with events just means there are more crazies out there. That doesn't mean that they're all going to go out and commit horrible crimes, they're scared that horrible things are about to happen to them.

    Going postal was a term coined by an event where a postman literally just started up killing people one day and it took a long time until he was actually caught. The term stuck for people going crazy and just killing others off for the hell of it or as targets, but I guarantee all the people who bought guns or protection around that time didn't intend to follow in his footsteps.
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  5. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    Your reply made me think of this..lol


    I like guns though, I'd like to own more!
    I'm helping a buddy of mine startup a gun shop in my home town, here is their facebook page.
  6. UniversalAris

    UniversalAris newbie Awesome Poster

    Canada may have a lower crime rate, but there are a lot of crime near there border. There is no means for them to protect themselves against people who already own guns. If the country started off without any guns than we would only need to worry about the surrounding borders, but since everyone has guns and taking away that right now would cause uprising it is very illogical and would cause more death to take them away rather than leave them.
  7. andy12m

    andy12m Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    Most of the time, I carry a rifle whenever I go off the road because I do hunting.
  8. Mike30

    Mike30 Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    So many great comments about this matter in this thread.
    Let me put my 2 cents.
    Maybe there are more crimes in US than the rest of the countries but is not because the guns, its because the stressful system we live in + all medicine people in general take. Many take Tylenol because their hair hurts. Medicine and bad nutrition make the body and mind sick. Instead eliminating weapons, I would eliminate all pharmaceutical companies that kill and get sicker more people than anything else.
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  9. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

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