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How Did You Find This Site?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by fattony69, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Crusty Bagel

    Crusty Bagel Well-Known Member

    Leaky finally convinced me to join, since GV is mostly dead or just full of retarded spammers.
  2. Switch

    Switch Well-Known Member

    Seems alright so far. Anything I should know?
  3. wingless

    wingless ThisIsFor'Em

    Runnin with the OG's from HB...

  4. baseballboy64116

    baseballboy64116 Well-Known Member

    I googled "what is the best forum" and I got u guys. LOL!
  5. graceichat

    graceichat Well-Known Member

    from a friend ! ! she send me this site ! ! ! !
  6. Flippo

    Flippo Well-Known Member

    Kyle told me like the first day.
  7. fattony69

    fattony69 Well-Known Member

    Have fun and be active!
  8. _Kyle

    _Kyle Well-Known Member


    People on there go hear.

    So I thought I would give it a gander.
  9. tricksta

    tricksta Well-Known Member

    I saw Comrad_Arock on it one day in class so he told me about it...

    when i joined i didn't know what his user nae was so i didn't put anything if someone told me about it... so...

    i give credit to Comrad_Arock..

  10. elsooq

    elsooq Well-Known Member

    by google :)
  11. Im Tribute

    Im Tribute I ask obvious questions

    Roger Bilderback
  12. Arsonism

    Arsonism Kill it with fire Staff Member

    Tony dragged me here with the threat of shoving his foot up my ass... a very long time ago...
  13. fattony69

    fattony69 Well-Known Member

    Keeping you here the same way.
  14. Mr. Will

    Mr. Will Well-Known Member

    I forgot how I got here. I just remember HB sucking and then a dark bag, something smelling like chloroform and then here I was. My ass was sore for weeks after too.
  15. torialysse

    torialysse Wreck Em!

    arsonism brought me here..
  16. Starring_Emma

    Starring_Emma Well-Known Member

    I googled a bunch of stuff like "craziest forum" "wild forum" and "best forum"
  17. RubbeR

    RubbeR Jason's Daddy

    I googled "Crunk Niggaz with big dicks" for some reason and this site came up first.
  18. jasonSuFi

    jasonSuFi Official Forum Badass

    We mentioned your name.
  19. FordMNX

    FordMNX Well-Known Member

    I got here via a Twitter post by fattony
  20. Starring_Emma

    Starring_Emma Well-Known Member

    Why would you google that? and what's crunk?