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How Did You Find This Site?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by fattony69, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. jasonSuFi

    jasonSuFi Official Forum Badass

    Oh you poor sweet innocent child <3
  2. RubbeR

    RubbeR Jason's Daddy

    Look at my sig. That and one of my best fuckin friends is Thizz and he's mega black.
  3. Midget

    Midget I give out free candy.

  4. torialysse

    torialysse Wreck Em!

    i thought the same thing jason..

    .. oh honey :/
  5. fattony69

    fattony69 Well-Known Member

    Toria can teach you, she is dirty.
  6. Starring_Emma

    Starring_Emma Well-Known Member

    Is Thizz that basketball player?
  7. jasonSuFi

    jasonSuFi Official Forum Badass

    No, he's a member here. .Thizz, look out for him.
  8. SticknYOU

    SticknYOU Well-Known Member

    Tigga found it then told me about it.
  9. Starring_Emma

    Starring_Emma Well-Known Member

    I googled "crunk"

    Urban Dictionary: crunk
  10. jasonSuFi

    jasonSuFi Official Forum Badass

    Be sure to bookmark Urban Dictionary.... It will become your new best friend.
  11. Im Tribute

    Im Tribute I ask obvious questions

    For real, I frequently go to Urban Dictionary.

    Didn't know what TL;DR meant, UD helped me out :)
  12. torialysse

    torialysse Wreck Em!

    EXCUSE ME!?..dirty?..i think not
    ill def help with whatever she needs or has questions about..well ill do the best i can at least :)
  13. LiL PAYN3


    Holy shit, I cannot stop laughing at this thread. Jesus Christ, I'm fuckin' loving this.
  14. fattony69

    fattony69 Well-Known Member

    I won the bet DIRTY GIRL!
  15. jasonSuFi

    jasonSuFi Official Forum Badass

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  16. Midget

    Midget I give out free candy.

  17. Lefty

    Lefty Well-Known Member

    RYAN the LlON's sig over at MLGpro.
  18. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    Ryan the Lawn!!!!!!!!!
  19. Death DealerV69

    Death DealerV69 Well-Known Member

    someone's userbar on mlg.
  20. Midget

    Midget I give out free candy.

    lol. Had to be either Durka or Quinn.