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Last Thing You Purchased

Discussion in 'Best Thread Games Ever' started by rosebud, May 1, 2006.

  1. Aimy

    Aimy Silver Poster Awesome Poster

    Couple of movie tickets to a drive in theatre. I took my nephew to see Green Lantern and X Men First Class last night. And then afterwards I bought us a Monster.
  2. rosebud

    rosebud Contributors

  3. Homebody

    Homebody Contributors

    Two books--"Still Missing", by Chevy Stevens, and the first of a new series by Alexander McCall Smith called "Corduroy Mansions".
  4. icephoenix

    icephoenix Contributors

    milk, candy, ice cream, newpapers
  5. Homebody

    Homebody Contributors

    Root-beer flavored ice cream!
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    some corn nuts and a diet dew
  7. icephoenix

    icephoenix Contributors

    2 ice cream, milk, chocolate milk mix, cookies
  8. Homebody

    Homebody Contributors

    Some maple walnut ice cream and colored ice cream cones. The pink ones are my favorite. I have to stuff a few in my face right away because they're the kids' favorite, too. Fortunately, this is not a hardship.
  9. icephoenix

    icephoenix Contributors

    iced mocha latte with whip cream and extra mocha but i didn't buy it. it was for me though. lol
  10. Homebody

    Homebody Contributors

    Yummy-yummy! I am drooling.

    I last purchased some modelling clay for the boys. We are in the middle of another mega-creation involving a small stuffed animal, this time for the younger nephew Alex. A two-room stables. Apparently Captain Cook (a small stuffed reindeer) only eats peanuts, so I had to get some modelling clay, blend some colors together to make light brown, and make two dozen teeny tiny peanuts about 1/8 of an inch long by hand. Didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself. We're putting the stable "shelves" up tomorrow. Thank goodness for tape and cardboard. And raffia, because we needed "hay"--apparently the stall was too uncomfortable for Captain Cook to sleep in without it. I was assured he wouldn't eat it, though. Ah, kids. Thanks to them I travel worlds that don't even exist.