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Politics is taking all the good parking!

Discussion in 'Around the home' started by jourgenson, Oct 3, 2000.

  1. jourgenson

    jourgenson Well-Known Member

    On Sunday I was trying to park downtown near the hockey arena to watch a football game that wasn't on local tv and there wasn't a space to be found in an area that should have been fairly deserted. What happend, you might ask? Nader's green party was holding a rally at said hockey arena. Which is fine but shouldn't all those green party people take public transportation and bikes?[​IMG]

    So today, streets all around me are closed and parking is tight in my neighborhood because of the debates which are happening at UMASS-Boston. Can I, a taxpayer who lives within walking distance og said event get anywhere near it?? No. Sorry I'm am not important enough. I bet the people who paid for it, Anheiser-Busch and a couple other corporations are gonna be there.

    My second issue is Nader. What's he got against the corvair? My dad had one, they're pretty cool.

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  2. liltaz

    liltaz Care Bear

    You're right. They should be on bikes and public transportation. Just goes to show you what hypocrites some people can be.

    Sorry to say I don't know what corvair is.

    That just sucks. They need more parking or something ...but I guess it's like here or anywhere else. There's never enough parking for everything.

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  3. Diesel

    Diesel Well-Known Member

    liltaz> Back in his days as a consumer activist, Nader declared the Chevy Corvair to be "unsafe at any speed".

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  4. JHowse

    JHowse Well-Known Member

    And what's sad is that the Corvair wasn't that bad of a car, either.....hmmmmm

    I almost want to hear Beavis call out to Butthead in a fight against Nader, "KICK HIM IN THE NADS!!!" [​IMG]

    Does driving a car from Saturn make me an alien?
  5. jourgenson

    jourgenson Well-Known Member

    When I said there would be traffic, I was totally underestimating. My street looks like a parking lot. Right now ther are about 50 people walking by chanting "Let Ralph Debate." Its actually pretty cool to be affected by national politics [​IMG]

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