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Seems you're either a sports fans or not


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So I wouldn't say that I was a big sports fan growing up, I didn't have a team I watched all the time. I did play games with the neighborhood kids and stuff growing up. We have a field we could go play baseball or soccer, and there were always a few basketball goals around if we wanted to shoot hopes but I don't remember sitting down and watching games on tv or going to watch others play.
My son on the other hand is very much into sports and it helps his competitiveness I guess, not to say I wasn't as a kid but I would have rather rode my bike around vs trying to get better at hitting a ball. I think I'd still rather ride a bike vs play baseball..lol Maybe I just don't like baseball :unsure:

How did you grow up, were you a sports kid or no?


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I don't like watching sports either, I'm all for full-on immersion! :D My favorite sports in school were hockey and soccer (I used to be either goal keeper or center forward).

Except I became very much overweight in my early teen age (185 lbs/84 kg), mainly due to a sugar-heavy diet. Sports lost a lot of its attractiveness to me. I still rode my bicycle often over large distances. Until I began to work and riding cars. Then it was bye-bye bicycle, more or less. Ever since my knee injury in 2002, I can only move in limited ways, and cannot walk or stand for a long time. Since I've been working from home, I've gained additional weight (especially after I quit smoking in 2015; up to 397 lbs/180 kg), but managed to get 20 kg (44 lbs) off already (down to 353 lbs/160 kg) just by calorie counting. Still, I've got a long way to go back to normal weight. It doesn't help that I'm approaching 50, and need much fewer calories per day than I used to. But sports is more or less out of the equation -- I need to figure out what I can and cannot do sports-wise to burn some additional calories. Just walking around would help, but I need to train myself first, walking ever longer distances, and starting off with short distances. With my weight (and age) new problems emerged like being afraid of falling (b/c that could mean needing hospitalization).


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I'm not a sports-savvy person but sometimes I like watching games of sort. I'm also not that fit to focus on sports but I'm okay to play some like occasional soccer game on the backyard with my friends