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The What's On Your Mind Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forums' started by Coleman, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Empire

    Empire Lord of the Wastes

    Gang of Wolves and Creeps and Crips

    Deep as Dawson's creek and shit
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  2. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Well-Known Member

    Long day was long.

    I just got in about 20 mins ago :(

    What to fix what to fix :D
  3. LiL PAYN3


    where have you been faggot
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  4. No121Else

    No121Else Technicians!

    So Vinny (Jersey Shore) is on the new season premiere of RJ Berger.
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  5. Renzy

    Renzy Well-Known Member

    Looked at the Bamboozle lineup, shit is so disappointing this year.
  6. MattBleez

    MattBleez Well-Known Member

    3 td's in football and the final basket in basketball. Feelin like a pro.

  7. Smeagz

    Smeagz Well-Known Member

    butler better keep this up
  8. Akronnnnnnnn

    Akronnnnnnnn i r global mod

  9. torialysse

    torialysse Wreck Em!

    Listening to some music, writing, drinking, and talking to friends :)
  10. Crusty Bagel

    Crusty Bagel Well-Known Member

    I started drinking 5 and a half hours ago. Time to get some water in me and pass out for my class in 7.2 hours.
  11. fattony69

    fattony69 Well-Known Member

    So now premium members are the only ones who can change their username

    *every 4 months
  12. Gregor

    Gregor Well-Known Member

    I just want mine to be capital.
  13. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

  14. Peter

    Peter Global Mọd

    hahaha you would do that... I did that to some kid on omegle, but he left before I could give him the big reveal. I was so mad. Never really though about doing that on AIM
  15. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Well-Known Member

    Capital G or just all caps?
  16. Gregor

    Gregor Well-Known Member

    Capital "G" I am tired of seeing my mistyped shit for a name. haha
  17. Akronnnnnnnn

    Akronnnnnnnn i r global mod

    I like your name lowercased lol

    grr fuck hangovers.
  18. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Well-Known Member

    Fixed for you Mr. Bartlett :)
  19. Gregor

    Gregor Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much MR. MX1CAN :)
  20. Ewok

    Ewok Well-Known Member

    Did a contract phone today at work, I hate connections center.