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The What's On Your Mind Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forums' started by Coleman, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. sage

    sage Well-Known Member

    Slow night so long
  2. LiL PAYN3


    lol, leaky's got an adventure time avatar hahaha

    i feel ya dude. life right now for me is pretty good haha

    no. and by no, i mean SWAG
  3. Mathiasa

    Mathiasa Well-Known Member

    Today its time to work on my skills at problem solution with derivative. Already flunked the test lol. I missed it with like 2 points.

  4. BirdMan

    BirdMan Well-Known Member

    Went snorkeling yesterday at isla mujeres. Seen a conch shell and dove down to grab it. After surfacing and getting back into the boat I found out it was a home of a baby octupus. I know this because it crawled out and onto my wifes leg. Thing was sooooooooooooooo slimy.

  5. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Well-Known Member

    Dude those islands are beautiful. I'm soooo jealous of you right now!
  6. Leaky

    Leaky Well-Known Member

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  7. Akronnnnnnnn

    Akronnnnnnnn i r global mod

    lol derivatives are my shit
  8. Smeagz

    Smeagz Well-Known Member

    wish i didnt have to work during the butler game tonight.

    daaaaaawg pound
  9. Coleman

    Coleman Well-Known Member

    I want a custom userclass text under my name.

    Who do I have to blaze out to help me out with this dilemma
  10. Donkey

    Donkey Kai

    Maybe you have to be a premium member?
  11. MX1CAN

    MX1CAN Well-Known Member

    Watch Serenity afterward :)
  12. Coleman

    Coleman Well-Known Member

    I'm as premium as it gets
  13. Crusty Bagel

    Crusty Bagel Well-Known Member

    I've already seen Serenity beforehand, but I'm going to watch it again after I finish with the last episode.
  14. Ewok

    Ewok Well-Known Member

    Someone just told me Charlie Sheen drank enough Tiger's Blood to kill Two and a Half Men.
  15. Empire

    Empire Lord of the Wastes

    Fuck Tiger's Blood. Tastes like piss and vinegar.

    I'll stick with dropping shots of Single Malt Orphan Tears.

    Good for you, man.

    S W ▲ G
  16. Mathiasa

    Mathiasa Well-Known Member

    Love your tag mate.

    Anyway, off to bed. Played Minecraft for almost 5 hours straight.
  17. speedyturtle

    speedyturtle Well-Known Member

    My mind is boggling over the hour we've just lost in the U.K.
    At first I thought I'd spent an hour on here without realising.
    Now I'm trying to do the maths...
  18. Ewok

    Ewok Well-Known Member

    My friend is now an ordained minister
  19. wingless

    wingless ThisIsFor'Em

    Somebody should tell me exactly how to work and actively use a Seedbox.
  20. Eureka

    Eureka Well-Known Member

    It's been two years since I've posted here.