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Does anyone use vbulletin anymore?
I just looked and theyre only on version 5?? Wow
Its been years since I last visited and grabbed vB4.
Is vBulletin 4 worth anything?
Could I sell the license?
I also have the vBpro Garage


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  1. not as many as before
  2. vbulletin 5 is crap, stick with 4 if you want to run it
  3. not much has changed.. literally, other then most the staff we knew are gone
  4. it's okay but has hit EOL
  5. you can sell anything you want, might not get much for it
  6. not sure if they are even around anymore


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I really dont have a use for it.
Drupal is so much more powerful.
After studying the XenForo documentation briefly, I found that XF and Drupal 8 are very, very similar in coding.
The new Drupal 8 changed everything to use a more OOP approach. almost identical as Drupal,
Both using Controllers, nodes, entities. hmm...
makes you wonder if the same developers are on both projects, lol
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