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What Are The Best Tips You Have For Airports?

Discussion in 'Trains, planes and everything else automotive' started by Brandon, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    What are the best tips you have when going to the airport?

    Mine would be to get there 2 hours early if you don't know the place, at least one hour early if you've been there before.

    What's your routine when traveling the skies?
  2. andy12m

    andy12m Member

    I usually use Google maps to know where the airport is. This will give me an idea on how to go there using my car or via a public transport.
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  3. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    I use google maps for just about everything in my life..lol
    I don't know if I could get around if I just had an atlas :D