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What Is The Wisest/smartest Thing You've Ever Heard A Child Say?

Discussion in 'Around the home' started by Brandon, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    What's something you're told as a child that's stuck with you for your entire life?

    One thing my grandfather use to say that I've always remembered.

    Work smarter, not harder.

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  2. Draconem

    Draconem Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    'Stay out of the shed, if your bitten by a spider you will not become spiderman' - Mother

    'Don't steal my lighter to try and create a rocket to the moon' - Mother

    'Your five how do you know santa isn't real' - Mother

    'Don't mix an entire bowl of spices together then eat it... you aren't going to be able to taste for a week' - Mother

    'Tasmania is apart of Australia' 'But it isn't connected!' 'See how the colour is the same on the map' 'Yes' 'That means they are part of the same country' 'Oh' - Me and Teacher

    'Your Insane' - Most of the World :p
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  3. Annabellam

    Annabellam newbie Awesome Poster

    'You know you should learn to smile a bit more,'

    My niece once told me this after catching me on one of those low moments. I kept in my heart, i carry it around. I want to be happy, regardless of the situations i may face sometimes.
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