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What Kind Of People Really Annoy You?

Discussion in 'The Best Local Information' started by Brandon, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Just here to have fun

    What type of person just really gets under your skin?
    The first type for me would be horrible drivers!
  2. hn_rn

    hn_rn Quarter Century Club Awesome Poster

    Horrible drivers (which is pretty much everyone except me), liars, cheaters, people who complain about something but then do the same thing over and over again...bad parents....the list could go on and on....
  3. PolkaDot

    PolkaDot Knows How To Post Awesome Poster

    I can't stand people who are willfully ignorant but still think they know everything.
  4. hn_rn

    hn_rn Quarter Century Club Awesome Poster

    Oh, I forgot to mention shitty neighbors. You know, the kind that know they live in a duplex but still act like they live in a single family home and romp around their home like they're WWE/WWF stars.